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Dedicated to bringing you the very best of Transformational Energy Work

Receive powerful transmissions from major spiritual traditions.



New Energies to enjoy, inspire, and spiritually TRANSFORM!


Drawn to learning more about working with energy – perhaps you have already begun to explore systems such as Reiki Healing which are rapidly gaining popularity?


Like a rainbow palette of subtle energies to work with?


Ready to develop your healing skills and deepen your understanding of yourself? Or perhaps you are wondering about the next step on your spiritual path?


Whatever your direction and purpose - a professional therapist, complementary practitioner or light worker - an alternative thinker, a mystic or stepping on your spiritual path for the first time - here are some exciting choices just for you! Some are half day classes with Angels to deepen your connection with spirit, and others such as Drisana® (a Tibetan system) are two day intensive energy workshops and training courses, with many attunements for light working.


Align and attune. Manifest your deepest soul wish


One thing is certain. All these classes are non-denominational and yet are rooted in the strong, safe foundations of spiritual tradition! The deep underlying focus of all the energy work and teaching is to step into the heart of your own radiant being - to connect with the Divine within YOU and thus to be happy and fulfilled. These deep and powerful initiation workshops are rooted in major spiritual traditions and can support your spiritual path, whatever it may be.

Each class is taught in a modern, 21st century format, without complicated rituals and each contains practical attunements for use on yourself and others.

The empowerments you receive are profound. Some classes such as Triveni Light© are unique and are not found anywhere else, others until now have never been readily available outside the USA - this is your opportunity to find out just how great they are! A reference manual is provided with each workshop which includes a description and activation process for all of the initiations given. And on-going support is also available.


Please feel free to contact me, Chris Deefholts, for more detailed information on any of the courses - or for a list of the attunements for the class you'd like to do.


Radiant Heart Workshops©    

Triveni Light© A unique, powerful seven level, multi attunement training for personal transformation and spiritual growth

   Golden Wheel of Light© An Initiation Journey through the Eyes of the Mayan Spirit

   Peace Transmissions© >Tibetan transmissions for inner and outer peace, with personal and environmental clearing

The Power of the Name© Journey to the Divine through the power of Mantra, with transmission. Insights from Kashmir Shaivism provide a sound foundation for leading a Divine life, whatever your belief or tradition. A new class coming shortly.



Certified Teacher of SUN NETWORK CLASSES

Drisana - Tibetan     Angel Workshops     Mantra Angels     Huna       Essene Dove

Your Rainbow Heart - Tibetan Heart Energies    Miraculous Vessels - Pre-taoist attunements    

Crystal Empowerment     Energy Blessings from the Stars    Planetary Triangles




Levels 1, 2 and Master/Teacher Classes with ongoing mentoring, distance and personal tutoring available.

Weekly Reiju Transmission with instructions for Hatsurei Ho, the Japanese Reiki Energy/Meditation Practice

Living Reiki Wisdom Articles Thought provoking articles which draw on a broad experience of energy work and spiritual training and daily life.


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The Author asserts the moral right to these publications (Last Updated Oct 2016) Spiritual Unfoldment NetworkTM(S.U.N.); Drisana; Miraculous Vessels; Energy Blessings from the Stars; Your Rainbow Heart; Crystal Empowerment All Copyright Ó 1999 Irving Feurst. All rights reserved.